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Dream On : Representing the Unique, the Different, and the Diverse

There’s no denial that people of a minority can feel they are alone in their feelings. Everyone has  those days they face where it truly feels like no one else can understand where they come from. Who they are. What they want others to know. What they want others to understand. Very often it is incredibly hard to deal with these complex feelings. Such thoughts and complete disbelief in oneself can easily lead to dark places. At the same time, being a minority and knowing there are others all around you that face the same situations and completely different ones alike, can be completely uplifting. This is what I attempt to communicate in the film I created, “Dream On”:

Originally made for a Video Installation project that was displayed on my campus, “Dream On” focuses on the interior mindscape of nine diverse students. Looking upon these nine young adults (including myself) across the regions of race, gender, and sexuality, the film attempts to show the positive and the negative thoughts that may arise with one’s identity. Represented in three distinct parts, “Dream On” presents the darkest insecurities of each person, the positive connotations that arise with realizing that there is a light within every dark cave, and the intersection that comes with meeting others who are  just like you. Completely open for interpretation and conversation, my hopes for “Dream On” is for every viewer to take something away from it.

Inspired by the filmography of Xavier Dolan, the first third of the film is in a 4:3 ratio. Limiting the focus upon each person, the use of space creates a direct portrait of each individual. Encapsulating their identity and presenting access to their interior monologue, the viewer is placed within the mindset of each being. As for the stream of conscious narration that accompanies each shot, the lines were taken from a variety of songs across multiple genres. Not only was this done to establish a relation between the real world and each person but it only shows that such feelings and thoughts can be reciprocated across a array of individuals. Spanning from Kendrick Lamar to Robyn to Arcade Fire, these are lyrics that resonate with what it means to be who you are. Lastly, the use of “Loud Places” by Jamie XX works incredibly well in building up the film. Using the beginning part of the song for the first part, the establishing beat and noises creates a sense of uneasiness. As the video transitions into the second part, the chorus is played along with the new collective set of positive thoughts. Lastly the chorus takes over the sound completely in the third part as each individual is shown in union with others.  The chorus as it repeats: ” I have never reached such heights/I feel music in your eyes,” helps present that things will only get better for each individual and as a group they have found a tightly bound connection between each other.


While no one has the same exact collective experiences or feelings as another, there will always be someone there for you. Whether they are just behind the corner or across the world, it is important to remember there are people just as different and unique as you are. Just take each day, one step at a time and soon enough you’ll come to a point where everything is good.

Until  then, Dream On.

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